Woodsong No More

November 26, 2008

Corky writes the order for Will's WoodsongI was updating my list of banjo manufacturers today and discovered the the Web site for Woodsong Banjos had gone offline. I own a Woodsong, so this was sad news.

Corky Wirick has been building his banjos for about 20 years as a retirement hobby. He's approaching 80 and has some vision problems that compromised his ability to do the fine banjo detail work. When I spoke with him today he said that he was turning his attention to artistic projects and described a statue he carved from wood this past summer.

Of Woodsong owners I've contacted, every one has nothing but praise for his instruments. It is sad to see them go. But at least Corky, a genial, humorous, and upbeat gentleman, is still around.

I'm glad for that.

Tags: Banjo, Woodsong