I have always had an interest in the 5-string banjo. That interest is manifested here on my site in a variety of ways.

Many folks write to ask me to value their banjo. I'm always happy to hear from visitors to my site but just know that I won't attempt to give you a value. I'm not an expert and I'm not an appraiser.

Bluegrass Around Baltimore

I've always found it difficult to find Bluegrass performances in Baltimore. Maybe it's just me. I have a little bit of content that I hope will help you. Know of any events in the area? Please, let me know.

Bluegrass Banjo Manufacturers

In what comes as a complete surprise to me, my banjo manufacturers list is the most popular destination on my site. You'd think just Googling would be enough, but apparently my list is more convenient.

Paul Hawthorne's Web Site

My friend passed away in 2007. Just before, he asked if I would continue to publish his site and its unique content. I am proud to be its curator. Impressively, it draws as much traffic today as it did at the time of Paul's death.

eBay Banjo Sales

For about 5 years I tracked the sales of vintage Asian banjos, including Gold Star. Although the data is aging, it might provide some insights.

Don Reno

I found it difficult to locate the recordings of this late, great player. Here's some help.