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Will Fastie PhotoWill Fastie is a Web developer specializing in self-service Web sites for small and very small businesses. Trained in computer science at Johns Hopkins University, Will was a transaction processing systems programmer for the first decade of his career. He subsequently held positions as a computer magazine editor, a newsletter publisher, a Wall Street analyst following software companies and a CTO for a start-up before becoming a free-lance information systems consultant in the '90s.

Throughout the years, Will continued programming projects for small businesses on the side. When the Web emerged in the late '90s, he began light work with Web sites and turned more attention to such work in the early 2000s. Since 2006 he has been developing custom, dynamic sites using open source technologies. These efforts culminated with the creation of SiteCommander, a standardized content management system that makes the sites he develops very easy for small businesses to service themselves while enabling Will to deploy new sites very quickly.

Will is an expert in contemporary Web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, XML, JSON, and many other useful components that grace his solutions. Although not an artist, Will has designed some attractive sites but always recommends professional Web designers, such as his partner Cheri Glover at WebDesignBuild.biz.

Work History

2021 - Present:  AskWoody Plus Newsletter

Editor in Chief

2017 - Present:  WebDesignBuild.biz

Web Builder

Web site development and design for small businesses.

1995 - 2017:  Fastie Systems

Consulting Systems Architect & Analyst
Web Builder

Management-level systems consulting for a range of clients from small businesses to Fortune 50 firms. Web site development and design for small businesses.

2012:  Loyola University Maryland

Affiliate Faculty

Instructor for an undergraduate Web Technologies course in the Sellinger Business School. The dual-track, seniors-only capstone course focused on business IT planning and contemporary Web development.

1993 - 1995:  ShopTech Systems, Inc.

Vice President - Chief Technology Officer

Design and development officer for a software startup in the automotive field. The application was a run-the-business program for independent auto repair shops.

1991 - 1993:  Alex. Brown & Sons, Inc.

Vice President - Senior Analyst

Stock analyst following PC software companies, including Microsoft, Aldus, Adobe, Caere, Lotus, Borland, Software Publishing, and others. Did analytical work for Stac and MathSoft IPOs.

1989 - 1991:  The Fastie Report

Publisher & Editor

Published a personal computer industry newsletter targeted to corporate technologists.

1983 - 1989:  Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Editor in Chief, PC Tech Journal

Founding editor for the standard-setting, award-winning, technical PC magazine, PC Tech Journal. Hired after a successful stint writing the IBM PC column for another ZD magazine, Creative Computing.

1973 - 1983:  General Instrument Corporation

Director, Advanced Systems Development

Manager of the internal R&D department supplying tools and technology to product groups. Developed operating systems, programming languages and tools; handled one-time projects; provided “fire-fighting” services; and did all microprocessor development. Ranking software member of the GI Corporate Engineering Council and the GI Acquisitions Committee.


Johns Hopkins University, 1965-1967, 1971-1973, Computer Science. Studies emphasized programming languages, development methodologies, software quality, quantitative studies. Interrupted by military service.

Military Service

1968 - 1971, US Army. Two tours of duty in Viet Nam.


Born 1947, married 1972, 2 sons.