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The Worst Passwords of 2017

For years, SplashData has published an annual list of worst passwords. This year the company has significantly upped the ante by increasing the list from 25 to 100 and in the process unveiled a new array of horrible surprises. Starwars, anyone?

The Windows Phone is Really Dead

death-of-windows-phone.pngA year after buying my Lumia 950, the final shoe has dropped. A Microsoft executive admitted (mostly) that Windows Mobile would not move forward. Support, yes; anything else, no.

It has been hard to parse Microsoft when it spoke about its own phones (it is less ambiguous about iPhones and Android). But proof abounds. Look no further than Microsoft's own site, where Microsoft commonly had links to all offers from the various wireless companies. No such links are present now. Turning to AT&T and Verizon's sites, no Windows phone is listed. Windows phone is dead.

My Lumia 950 phones are just one year old. It's too soon for me to switch; it will be at a year, probably two, before I need a new phone. All the nice things I've said about the Lumia 950 are still true. All the nasty things I've said about Microsoft and phones are still true.

I'm no friend of Google but there is probably an Android phone in my future. iPhones are too expensive.

Blumentals' Rapid PHP 2016

I decided to use Rapid PHP as my external editor for code. While not perfect and despite a few flaws, it meets my needs and has already made a significant difference in my coding productivity.

Why I Continue to Use Expression Web

I started using FrontPage nearly 20 years ago and I'm still using its offspring, Expression Web. Why?

Support for Windows Vista Ends on...

I updated my little doomsday counter (sidebar right) today. It now knows about Windows 10.

I also reprogrammed it so it will run automatically for the next eight years, which is when Windows 10 extended support expires. Mainstream support for Windows 10 ends in October, 2020, a little over three years from now. Presumably, we'll know about Windows 10's successor by then.

Or perhaps we'll discover that Windows 10 has become software as a service and will continue forever.

My Visit to the Dump

I've never been emotionally attached to any of the PCs I've owned. This visit to the dump was tougher.

Windows 10 Driving Mode

For a time I was happy with Driving Mode on my Windows 10 phone. Now I realize how superficial it is.

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