High-Speed Internet Service Lags in Baltimore County

February 15, 2006

Fiber optic cable is a vitally important technology to support current and future telecommunications needs for both businesses and individuals. But if you make a business or live in Baltimore County, MD, you are not able to take advantage of these benefits. The county lags far behind, not only compared to Maryland counties but compared to other major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The Verizon service delivering these advantages is called FIOS. It is now being offered in Prince George's County and Fairfax County, VA, a substantial portion of the Washington DC metro area, with fiber being laid in Montgomery County. Anne Arundel County has the service and Howard County is getting it. The Baltimore metro area? Zip.

Is your business unable to obtain economic high-speed Internet service? DSL not available in your area? Why does Baltimore County lag behind?

Ask your county councilman, then ask the county executive.

See Verizon's site for more information about residential FIOS services.

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