Bluegrass Around Baltimore

A Local Guide to Bluegrass Festivals & Concerts

There is a lot of Bluegrass within 90 minutes of Baltimore. Strangely, it can be hard to find out about these festivals and concerts. I'm hoping my Baltimore Bluegrass Calendar will help.

General Information

The Arcadia festivals are very close and present consistently good music along with nationally-known headliners. There is a lot of jamming and a nice family atmosphere.

The Gettysburg festivals are among the country's best and usually feature some of the biggest headliners.

Check the DC Bluegrass Union's Bluegrass calendar. Some events are around Baltimore but many are to the west and south of DC, outside my 90-minute radius.

Regular Bluegrass

  • Arcadia Volunteer Fire Company, Arcadia, MD. The closest regular venue to Baltimore. $3 jams 6pm Wednesday, September through May, holidays and snow days excepted.
  • Goodwill Fire Department, York, PA. Concerts produced by the Seven Mountains Bluegrass Association. Strong lineups. One a month (sometimes two) October thru May.
  • Lucketts Bluegrass (Lucketts Bluegrass Foundation), Lucketts, VA. Fall through spring, 3-4 concerts every month with a good lineup with lots of variety. About an hour and 10 minutes from downtown Baltimore, not much more than Alexandria and about the same driving time as to Hanover, PA. Concerts held at the Lucketts Community Center.

Occasional Bluegrass

When I first learned of these venues years ago, they all featured Bluegrass regularly. That is less the case now. Check my Calendar for sightings or check the Web sites of the venues for more information.

Baltimore Area Bluegrass Bands

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