"If you're considering a Web developer, Will is your guy."

- Kenny Bohling, Proprietor

"I would recommend Will to anyone to assist them in their Web needs."

- Gilbert Justice, Pastor

"Maintaining my prices on the site is a breeze with Will's menu system in SiteCommander."

- Vince Pastore, Owner

"Will's expertise and his creative use of his technical ability was the key to unlocking and launching our site and turning our vision into reality."

- Jeff Henneman, President

"It's working, too - in just its first few weeks, the site generated not only leads, but reservations."

- Janet Malpeli, Proprietor (Ret.)

"I am so glad I had his advice, wisdom, and knowledge throughout this process!"

- Suzanne Glover, Proprietor

Coffee News

Cup of CoffeeI have a perfect solution for the multi-edition Coffee News publisher. It's a solution designed to help you market your business, which is advertising.  Details...

Get Online Quickly

No Speed LimitYou can have a web presence within a matter of days (and possibly within 24 hours). I can help you with your domain name and hosting, then get a holding page up for you right away.
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Self-Service Sites!

SiteCommanderI Build it - You run it.
Control your site quickly and easily with SiteCommander™. Use simple forms to instantly update articles, events, lists, photo galleries, portfolios, menus and more, whenever they change.


Smart PhoneThe sites I build not only look good on small devices, they know how to handle touch. I do this for your native site, without requiring a completely separate site for mobile. Oh, I can build for mobile, too!

High Quality

A PlusYou deserve the best-looking, best-operating site possible. You'll get it. I pay attention to details and I'm picky. Your site will not only work perfectly in your favorite Web browser - it will work in your visitors' favorite browsers!

In-Depth Evaluation

In-Depth EvaluationDoes your Web site need work? I will be happy to provide you with a complimentary analysis of your current site, usually within a day. Just thinking about a site and don't know what to do? I'll be glad to help. Contact Me!

Web Primer

Free EvaluationConfused about Web sites? No problem! Read my Web Primer and you'll be an expert in no time!

Do You Need A (New) Web Site?

Today, there are tens of millions of Web sites in existence. Many of these, especially those put together quickly just to get a Web presence, are not working effectively for their owners.

  • You can't self-service your site.
  • The site doesn't work well on smart phones.
  • The design is not distinctive or worse, just bad.
  • The site might look different (or even wrong) in different Web browsers.
  • The technical design of the site might be creating problems.
  • Search engines might rank pages poorly.
  • And, of course, you might not even have a site.

Let me help you get the Web presence you deserve. Contact me today!