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Compensation? No!

I am often asked by friends if they can pay for my help and the answer is no. My 100% Family & Friends discount has always been in force when I help with personal technology. I never ask for anything and, more important, I do not expect any form of compensation. Do not feel any obligation whatsoever.

Why? Because I enjoy solving problems and helping where I can. Modern personal computing has a lot of moving parts and can be very confusing at times.

Despite protestations, gifts are received anyway and are always very much appreciated. To help, I offer the guidance below. Please remember one rule - no cash.

Will's Wish Lists

  • Starbucks - Keep me in espresso, then stop by for a top-tier, homemade latte or cappuccino. I've made about 6,000 of them and I'm starting to get pretty good at it.
  • Lincoln - If you happen to be a billionaire, I could use a new car. The Nautilus seems nice.

You can help feed my dreams of a video retirement:

I'm currently under medical orders to avoid alcohol. Hopefully that will be temporary (but I have cheated - don't tell the docs). This is what I like.